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Karbie Recycling is a dedicated recycling company specialising in glass, cardboard and paper. This proves to be more cost effective than traditional waste disposal as the more that goes in the recycling bin, the less goes in the general waste bin thereby reducing general waste collections and costs!

Based in West Moors near Ferndown we cover most of Dorset from Weymouth to Ringwood and on to Salisbury. As a local company we provide a personal touch and excellent service and we care about our customers needs.

From large amounts of cardboard or glass to small amounts of office paper - we can provide a cost effective way to recycle it!

The Government's Landfill Directive sets demanding targets to reduce the amount of biodegradable municipal landfill waste. This applies to all of us and must be fully adhered to by October 30th 2007. The simplest way of doing this is to separate at least one waste stream (example paper, cardboard or glass) from your normal waste for separate collection and recycling. Karbie Recycling offer a range of weekly services from a single bag collection for paper to large wheelie bins for cardboard or glass.

From April next year, landfill tax will increase by 8.00 per tonne each year. It is currently 24 per tonne and by 2010 it will rise to 48 per tonne.

By recycling you will not only be meeting the new Government legislation, but could also save money by significantly reducing your current waste disposal costs.

With over 20 years' industry experience, we can help you and your business get in line with these targets right now!

Simply contact us or make an enquiry and find out what we can do for you today.

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